Trip Details

  • Meeting Location: IRIE Office in Truckee

  • Meeting Time: Two whitewater rafting trips daily at 9 am and 1:30 pm

  • Season To Go: Spring, Summer and fall (water permitting)

  • Length of Trip: 7 miles, about 2 hours on the water

  • Minimum Age: 5 years old

  • Cost per person: $75 adults, $65 youth 14 or younger

  • What's Included: We provide transportation to and from our office in Truckee (15-20 min). Cold drinks are provided at the end of your trip. PFDs, paddles, and helmets are provided for all guests. We will provide two large water bottles per raft that clip in to the boat. We ask that if you do bring your own water there is a way to fasten it to the raft.

  • Raft size and capacity: the Truckee river is a low volume river and we use 12' and 13' rafts that will fit up to 6 guests plus one guide. However, we aim to only put 4 or 5 guest per boat if individual group sizes will permit.


We are not the raft rental companies that operate on the "float Section" of the Truckee River from Tahoe City to River Ranch Bar & Grill.

We only offer guided whitewater rafting trips on a section that is lower on the Truckee River towards the Nevada state line. Often times we are able to operate when the rental companies are shut down. Either due to the water level being to high for them to float under the bridges or to low for them to float over the rocks. If you are having trouble getting ahold of the Truckee Raft Rentals check with us for more information on water levels or other options for floating on the Truckee River.


Trip Description

This half-day whitewater rafting trip on the Lower Gorge of the Truckee River is offered twice daily and is great for families and groups. The Truckee River begins with relaxing Class II boulder gardens and swimming pools and increases in intensity. Half way through the trip, the rapids become larger and closer together until we reach the top of the Floriston Gorge. The river narrows, becomes steeper, and descends its last mile through a series of  Class III and III+ rapids including Jaws and the Bronco Rapids. Hang on! Read a detailed description from California Creeks here.

During spring snow melt, another 10 miles of river is runnable below the town of Floriston, with beautiful scenery and many more rapids. Look here for more info on Truckee River Full-day Rafting Trips.

Amazing time. My wife and I went with our kids and some of their friends and everyone had a blast. The guides were all very friendly and incredible at what they do. I would do it again and would recommend it to all my friends.
— Art-Suzanne R. - Salinas, CA

More About the Truckee River...

The Truckee River runs North East through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. From the Lake Tahoe Dam outlet in Tahoe City, CA it flows down through the town of Truckee and out past the Martis Valley before descending 2500ft from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the Nevada Basin. On its 121 mile journey, the Truckee River meanders through beautiful alpine meadows and forests up high, churns through rapids in the steeper canyons, is enjoyed by thousands in the Reno river parks and passes through beautiful conservation land before entering Pyramid Lake. Unlike most rivers in the West, the Truckee River does not flow out to the Pacific Ocean. Its final destination is Pyramid lake in the Nevada sink; while there is no outlet for Pyramid Lake, the hot weather in the summer evaporates much of the water and keeps it from flooding. However, on wet years, water levels in Pyramid Lake can rise 40 feet.