Guide school is coming up May 17th through 26th. Join us for our whitewater guide school on Northern California's exceptional whitewater rivers, progressing from Class II through Class IV -(V) whitewater. 

For the 2019 season we will be operating guide school through Rise Up adventures and all reservations etc.. will be processed through their office at 1-800-323-7238.

This 10 day training is ideal for individuals interested in working as a whitewater raft guide with I.R.I.E. Rafting and RISE UP adventures, while our instructors referral may be good enough to get you a job at another whitewater outfitter you should always check before signing up.

For those of you who just want to get out on the river this is probably the cheapest 10 day whitewater rafting trip you can find and is a great way to see a ton of rivers in a short time.  No experience necessary. Please understand that guide school is not structured to generate income for the company, we are looking to train future I.R.I.E. Rafting guides and applicants who intend to seek employment with I.R.I.E. will be accepted prior to all other applicants. 

* Note that employment is not guaranteed. Guides will be hired on a part-time or full-time basis after completing training, based on our need and your proficiency of hard and soft skills. Very few Guides are ready to go straight out of guide school however we provide extensive training opportunities for all graduates after guide school. Take your friends rafting for free until you have all the skills necessary to work as a professional whitewater rafting guide.


We have been operating in northern California for 20+ years and would like to add to our group of guides from our pool of guide school trainees and through in-house training. We cannot always guarantee participants full-time employment. However, successful graduates should at least be able to work on peak days and large trips (or much more) after they have shown that they are capable of guiding commercial guests. Eighty percent of our business occurs on the Lower Truckee River (class II-III) so it is a great river to hone your skills and begin your guiding career. Our company also offers class IV-V whitewater trips on various rivers in northern California.

Training opportunities on advanced whitewater are available throughout the season, and guide school graduates are encouraged to join these trips. Graduates may use IRIE equipment when available to improve skills by joining existing trips.


Company Philosophy

 IRIE Rafting Company strives to provide a commercial rafting experience that exceeds the consumer’s expectations of service and safety. We are unique company in many ways:  we compost; we recycle; we purchase sustainable, fair trade, and organic goods when possible; we believe in giving back to our community and donate funds and in-kind services to worthy organizations and programs; we practice Leave No Trace; we set high expectations for our team and give them a voice in our company; we model integrity and hard work; and we integrate on-river environmental education through knowledge of flora and fauna, geographical history, and preservation techniques.


Beneficial Skills to Have in Advance

  • Common Sense

  • Strong Swimming

  • Knot Knowledge in Bowline Family, Figure Eight Family, and Hitches

Skills You Will Learn

  • Basic guiding techniques

  • Boat handling techniques

  • How to read water

  • Basic whitewater rescue skills

  • Whitewater self rescue

  • Boat rigging

  • Boat repair and maintenance

  • Rope skills

  • Guest orientation

  • Safety talk

  • Boat talk

  • Customer relations

  • Packing gear for a one day and multi-day commercial trips

  • Food preparation

  • Regional flora and fauna

  • Natural history

  • Environmental issues & LNT

Recommended Personal Gear

We understand that getting into a new sport and acquiring all the gear necessary can take time and be expensive. We are happy to loan you most items for free, however you are welcome to bring your own whitewater Dry suit or wet suit, river knife, paddling jacket, dry bag/box, type III or V personal flotation device, whitewater helmet, Fox 40 whistle. If you can find a drysuit to rent or borrow it will greatly reduce the time you spend cold and wet.

Required Personal Gear

There are a few Items you will be responsible for bringing. While many times we can accommodate a few people missing things we ask that every participant brings the following items-

Flip line (one inch tubular webbing, 10 feet), one or more locking carabiner(s), adequate river shoes that are close toed, have good traction, are light weight and dry quickly - please no sandals), many warm non cotton socks possibly neoprene (keeping your feet warm can be tough in cold water but will make your days better), plenty of warm non cotton bottoms and tops to go with wet or dry suit, adequate camping gear (dry tent, warm sleeping bag and appropriate clothing for the conditions) . 

What We Provide At No Extra Cost

Personal flotation devices, helmets, wetsuits, dry bags for camping gear (not personal flotsam), and paddling jackets. Group camping gear and all meals are provided on most scheduled instruction days but be prepared to purchase dinner on one or two travel days. Transportation, instruction and camping fees included.


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