Truckee River Raft Rentals ?

We are not the raft rental companY that operateS on the "float Section" of the Truckee River from Tahoe City to River Ranch Bar & Grill.

We only offer guided whitewater rafting trips on a section that is lower on the Truckee River towards the Nevada state line. Often times we are STILL able to operate when the rental companies are shut down. Either due to the water level being too high for them to float under the bridges, or to low for them to float over the rocks. If you are having trouble getting ahold of the Truckee Raft Rentals check with us for more information on water levels or other options for floating on the Truckee River.

2018 Truckee River Water Outlook

Water Flows on the Truckee River Look to be average this season. With a short "high water" melt off period then standard reservoir operations on the Truckee.

After the wettest year on record in 2017, we are now in one of the driest starts to a water year ever. The up side? There is still a ton of water left over from last year. We expect to have a full season on the Truckee River on the Boca to Floriston section, which means rafting from April through August! Flows on the Truckee Full Day Trip and the Gorilla Falls Section will likely be too low for rafting after April, but it is always worth calling to check on current river levels and trip availability. 

Truckee River Half-Day Rafting Trips

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Truckee River Full-Day Rafting Adventures


 Other Sections on the Truckee River

High Water levels on the Truckee River means more rafting trip options for you!

During wet seasons, not only will the standard Boca to Floriston "Lower Gorge" run on the Truckee River have water, there is also good flows on the longer Boca to Verdi full-day rafting trip through early summer. The Verdi to Reno "Gorilla Falls" Section (class II+) also has water during wet springs. While we do not typically operate on this section we are available to take large groups on this slightly easier section of the Truckee River. 

Call to Check Flows!