The lush forests and numerous rivers of Northern California's Coastal Range and Klamath Mountains make the perfect location for a rafting trip. Rafting the rivers of California's North Coast provides more than than just the opportunity for endless quality whitewater, but also the chance to experience the beauty and remoteness of the Six Rivers National Park like few others have. Great people, history, wildlife and amazing camping locations make rafting on any of Northern California's coastal rivers a memorable adventure, the epic whitewater makes these rafting trips unforgettable.

California Salmon River Rafting

Rafting the California Salmon River is a truly unforgettable adventure and a California classic. From the one lane access road cut high into a cliff amidst breathtaking scenery to infamous Class V rapids such as Cascade, Achilles Heel and Freight Train, the California Salmon River never disappoints it's visitors. Cutting through a deep narrow gorge, the California Salmon leaves little room for civilization along its banks aside from a narrow road and a small village at the bottom of the Nordheimer section. The California Salmon's isolated gorge provides wonderful chances for viewing wildlife and amazing scenery in its deep lush canyon, if you have a chance to stop paddling and take it in.

Class IV-V, 2+ days  Call for information on availability

Due to fluctuations in permits and water situations around the state, some rivers may not be available - it is always best to call about rivers outside the Tahoe - Central Sierra area.


Klamath River Rafting

The Klamath River offers many opportunities for whitewater rafting. Over it's 263 mile length it cuts through the Cascade range and down into the Klamath mountains through Wild and Scenic Sections, towns, sacred Native American Lands and various sections of whitewater including many miles of scenic floating and the seldom run Class IV "Ike's Falls" Section (see Salmon River). The most popular whitewater rafting trip on the Klamath River is the "Upper K" run (Class IV). Reliable summer flows, utter remotes and more than twenty Class III and IV rapids make the "Upper K" or the "Hells Corner" run on the Klamath river an excellent rafting run for the seasoned paddler and the able beginner alike.

Class IV, 1-2+ days  Call for information on availability