IRIE would like to invite you to lunch...on the river 

16 miles of paddling deep in the Middle Fork American River canyon ,will certainly
help you work up an appetite. IRIE Rafting Company specializes in filling your belly
with an all-organic meal. There really isn't anything like being out of communication
from the "real world" and eating so well. Somehow, it just tastes better.
Rafting the Middle Fork American is a day full of fun and excitement. The trip begins
with a splashy wakeup call the moment you begin to float. Immediately, you begin
 to roll deep into the canyon. It all happens "rapidly" fast and before you know
 it, your at the head of Tunnel Chute Rapid.
Tunnel Chute Rapid is famous for it's dynamite-inflicted whitewater chute. Back 
in the days of the California Gold Rush, Miner's decided that it would be easier
 to mine a river bed if it didn't have any water flowing through it. A plan came
 together and a new channel was created by blasting dynamite through the mountainside.
Once the river was flowing in it's new channel they began the search for gold in
 the dry riverbed. Tunnel Chute Rapid was born. Little did they know that it would
be one of California's most talked about whitewater rapids.
At the bottom of the rapid, your adrenaline will be worked into a ball of excitement.
This is just the beginning of a big day full of fun and excitement.
To reserve at the $99 price, simply choose any Tuesday when reserving and the discount will automatically be applied. Spaces are limited, so hurry up and reserve.