Summer is coming and it’s time to start planning a family getaway while the kids are out of school and the weather is wonderful. Rather than heading to Disneyland again this year for a few thrills, why not try something new and even more exciting? No place says adventure quite like Lake Tahoe does, and there are so many great things to do here with your whole family - even the youngest members! Whitewater rafting is a family-friendly activity that’s fun for everyone, and you don’t have to be a professional to do it! Even kids as young as 5 years old can come along and test the waters for the first time. These trips are fully guided and safety is the number one priority. All of the raft guides are trained professionals. Rafting is a great way for everyone to bond and reconnect, and Lake Tahoe has several great rivers to choose from, many of which are mild enough for kids ages 5 and up!

Take to the Truckee River for a half-day trip with IRIE Rafting Company and head 8 miles down the Lower Gorge with your family.  You have a choice, to begin your trip in the morning during the most tranquil part of the day or enjoy an afternoon trip in when the sun in highest in the sky. Along the way, enjoy weaving in and around a boulder maze of swirling currents and pools of emerald green waters. Eventually, the river increases intensity as the gradient begins to drop. At the top of the Floriston Gorge, the whitewater begins and the waves splash into the raft causing excitement. You may find yourself belting out occasional hoots of joy. This trip lasts around 3 hours, and younger kids stay entertained the whole time, without getting too exhausted before it’s over. Come in the spring, summer or fall and enjoy half a day on the Truckee River with your family!


Step up the excitement for a whole day of rafting on the Middle Fork of the American River. Famous for it’s Tunnel Chute Rapid, man made during the California Gold Rush, this trip is a full on full day of class 3-4 whitewater. 16 miles deep in the gorgeous canyon, you will leave the hustle and bustle of the city and begin your float. IRIE Rafting Company’s guides will not only guide you down the river, but they will entertain you with history of this wild section of river and how Tunnel Chute Rapid was apart of the Gold Rush. Between rapids, you will have the opportunity to swim in the river’s deep calm pools. Half way down the river, you will be provided a fully organic deli spread lunch. This is a trip you don’t want to miss and if doing it all in one days isn’t enough, spend the night with IRIE Guides in the canyon on a sandy beach and enjoy hot meals cooked for you in our outdoor kitchen. If sleeping under the stars is among a favorite thing to do, sign up for a 2day trip and fall asleep to the sound of the river.

While whitewater rafting with your family is a must, for the adventurous crews looking for a vacation this season, there are tons of other great things to do in Lake Tahoe that the whole family can enjoy together to round out an entire trip! Head out for a day of fishing on Lake Tahoe, take to the trails for a scenic hike or invigorating bike ride, or lounge by the beach and reconnect with your favorite people! When you’re not camping out on a two-day trip with IRIE, check out all the hotels in Tahoe to stay for a nice, long family vacation and enjoy all Tahoe has to offer this season!

It’s always fun to take a trip to Lake Tahoe with your family, and the whitewater rapids are calling your name to come and try something new! Have an unforgettable adventure this year with your family and friends, and don’t let another year pass without trying a half-day, full-day or two-day rafting trip with IRIE Rafting Company!

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