It's been raining up here lately, yes.  Here's a question for you though:  If you're in the water, does it really matter if you get rained on a little bit?  Our answer is no.  If you don't believe it, you can just ask anybody that's been white water rafting with us lately on the Truckee River or the North Fork of the American River.  That's right, no matter how much it might be hurting your tan, the fact is that this slightly chilly, little bit rainy, spring weather is doing wonders for our early white water rafting season.

Remember my first blog about all that snow up here in the Sierra Nevada mountains?  Well, if it weren't for the overnight freezes we've been getting for the last couple of weeks, there'd be flooding everywhere.

Bottom line for YOU is that if you book a trip with us, we'll loan you a wetsuit and a paddle jacket for free and the whitewater adventure you get will make you regret ever sitting on the couch and waiting for beach weather.  If you don't believe it, check out this shot from our Memorial Day weekend trip on the Truckee River.