You read it right.  As mentioned in our new ad in The Banks Mag (A Kayaking Magazine made in Banks, ID), IRIE Rafting is excited to roll out our new Kayak Support Services.  Now, of course we know we're not the only Class V rafting company out there, not at all.  Still, we can't help but notice how often we're out rafting on a cliffy creek somewhere in northern California and the only other boaters we see are kayakers.  So we started having all kinds of crazy ideas: like "maybe these guys would like to eat something other than that Clif Bar that's been marinating in their PFD for two years?" and "I wonder if they want more overnight gear than just a space blanket and a backpacking stove?"

We're not sure.  We know that you class IV and V kayakers out there are really hard core, but if you've ever secretly yearned for someone to run your shuttle for you, or wanted a safety raft waiting for you at the bottom of those fifty foot falls, or maybe just really wanted to do a four day wilderness trip but couldn't handle the logistics... we've got your back.