Are you Sinking?

When it comes to repairing your gear, IRIE can help. 

I.R.I.E. Rafting Company has been repairing and customizing our equipment from the day we bought our first boat. If you broke it on the river there is a good chance we have also. We understand the pitfalls of repairing boats and equipment when you don't do it all the time, having the right tools, glues and materials is essential for a bomber repair.  


all 530-582-4900 for a quote on your specific repair. We will ask you to email us a few photos of the "injury" and determine the time and material costs over the phone. From October-March the turn around is quite fast as this is the best time to get your raft repaired, so we can get you back out on the water. Located in Truckee, you are welcome to bring your gear to us or for an added fee, we will travel to you. Our shop rates and prices vary as every repair is different.